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Hometown Insurance Agency of Utah Blog

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Hey there, Golfers! Did you know you can obtain insurance on your golf clubs?

You may not have known about this until now, but that's okay.....most consumers don't know about insurance coverage for golf clubs either. This came to light when our daughter was going away to college, out of state in...

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Why choose an independent insurance agent?

If you searched for "Pro's and Con's of independent insurance agents" you would find a list of reasons why independent and captive agents are good and bad. The reason for this blog is that I have looked over the same...

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Auto Accident Checklist

Car accidents can happen at anytime unfortunately, and it's good to know what you will need if you are ever involved in one. Car accidents are very common, especially in downtown Logan, out on the highway heading to...

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Safety Tips for Winter Driving

Winter in Utah and Idaho can be harsh but beautiful, just look at that picture above of the Wellsville mountain range here in Cache Valley, Utah! It's important to make sure you are prepared whether it be a trip to the...

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Needing a Homeowners Insurance Quote? Want to SAVE MONEY?

Being prepared with useful information for your insurance agent can save you and them a lot time. Here are a somethings to have on hand: 1. Who lives in the home, their ages, marital status, if you own any animals, how...

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Household Inventory List/Video of Valuables for Insurance Claims

If you truly want to make things easier on yourself, it's always a great idea to make a "Household Inventory List". Writing down/creating a spreadsheet and/or a video of your household belongings and having it stored in...

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