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Hey there, Golfers! Did you know you can obtain insurance on your golf clubs?

You may not have known about this until now, but that's okay.....most consumers don't know about insurance coverage for golf clubs either. This came to light when a client of ours daughter was going away to college and wanted to play golf on a collegiate golf team. Her parents were thinking about all the golf tournaments she'll be playing during her four years of collegiate golf and there are a lot of them. She'll be traveling by bus, van or plane and her clubs could get damaged, lost or even stolen. Two PGA golfers have had their clubs stoen in the last year. The question came up about what would they do if something happens to her clubs? How will they be able to replace them if something went wrong? That's when we told them about a "Scheduled Personal Property Endorsement" that can be added to their homeowners policy for her clubs.

For anyone out there that enjoys and has a passion for golf you know how expensive a really good set of golf clubs can be. Having insurance coverage on the clubs is a cheap way to ensure that if something happens to them you can get reimbursed to get a new set. Insurance for your golf clubs is an easy thing to obtain with your insurance agent. Each insurance company will have their own premiums but it generally isn't too expensive when your thinking about the cost of the golf clubs. You can add a "Scheduled Personal Property Endorsement" to your homeowner's policy. You will probably be asked to obtain an appraisal that will list the brand, type, number of and the value of each golf club and they may require a colored picture for their files as well. Insuring your golf clubs is easy, affordable and gives you piece of mind. Now go get that those golf clubs you've always wanted and call your agent to insure them, what are you waiting for?

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