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Home Inspections and What to Expect

Home Inspections

Most all insurance companies do a inspection of the outside of the house and surrounding property to determine the condition and verify rating factors after you obtain a homeowners insurance policy. Most customers do not know this is a common practice and are usually surprised when they find a strange person at the door to inspect the property. To help ensure the best possible experience, we want to share with you what to expect:

1. The inspection is generally completed within the first 30 to 45 days of the policy period.

2. An appointment is NOT made in advance of the inspection.

3. The inspector will knock or ring the doorbell to announce the visit. The inspector will proceed if the insured is not home.

4. Inspectors will comply with all trespassing laws in the event an insured is not home. The inspector will not enter a locked backyard but will attempt to complete as much of the inspection as he or she can.

5. The inspection is exterior* only. It involves taking photographs and measurements of the property.

6. Inspectors are contracted through a third-party vendor and carry identification but do not wear uniforms. They have the policy number and your agency's name to reference with the policyholder.

Should you have any questions about the home inspection process, please contact our office at 435-754-7701.

* Homes valued over $800,000 require an interior inspection, which requires scheduling an appointment with the homeowner. The inspector will take measurements and photos of both the interior and exterior of the home.

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