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Credit Score

Food for Thought about Credit Reports:

It seems that society has bred a culture that is so focused on deletions of negative accounts on a credit report.

We are trying to change that.

The reason for this is because not all negative accounts hurt the scores. So if they're not hurting the scores, then they still have POINT VALUE. In that case, we leave it alone.

The Golden Rule here is: all accounts (except public records such as bankruptcies, judgments, and tax liens) have POINT VALUE, but not all accounts have POINT DEDUCTIONS.

Let that sink in folks. If it's not hurting the scores, then it's actually helping the scores. So when a customer comes to me asking about deletions, I tell them to be careful because deleting blindly can:

1) Cause ones' scores to drop

2) Delete a positive account linked to that 'late' or inquiry

3) May get them in trouble if the creditor decides then that the account is fraud (if it legitimately belonged to the customer and the dispute reason stated it didn't belong to them)

4) Delete the account for a short period of time, and then come back on the report

5) Still allow the creditors/collection agencies to contact customer to collect. Just because it's off the report, does not mean the debt is still not owed. If the account is still within the statute of limitations, it is an even bigger risk because having that account deleted causes the customer to think that they are off the hook.

The best way to know if an account has point deductions is to access your credit reports or your customer's credit reports through ScoreNavigator. Point Deduction information IS the missing link that changes EVERYTHING.

If you or your customers are needing to improve credit scores they should go to www.hometowninsr.com and sign up for ScoreNavigator. If they are also needing a credit card or two to help with that missing link of building positive credit and available credit we offer secured credit cards as well. No minimum credit score required and you/they can obtain up to two (2) per person.

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