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It's time for a Credit Check-Up

It's time for a CREDIT CHECK-UP and here's how!

You credit scores and credit reports should be checked at least once per year if not more. As you can see from the picture above, I have a perfect 850 credit score. This did not happen overnight by any means, but you too can have an 850-credit score! I have been a credit expert for almost 20 years, so I have an extensive amount of knowledge when it comes to credit. I love credit and everything about credit. I love to share my credit knowledge with others and help them build their credit scores up so they too can have excellent credit. If you are struggling with credit and need some advice call me, I am more than happy to discuss it with you. I suggest pulling and reviewing your credit in depth monthly. It is important to keep an eye on your credit just as much as it is to review your bank and credit card statements each month, not just when you want to apply for credit or a new utility of some kind. If you were not aware of this already, most all utility companies pull your credit now such as cable, cell phone, internet, water, power, sewer, landlords and many other companies.

A lot of consumers get stuck in a rut due to identity theft but are not aware it happened to them. Identity theft is real, and it happens to the best of us. It also happens daily to millions of consumers all over the world, unfortunately. It can have long lasting consequences if not found early on and fixed right away. It can take weeks, months and even years to undue identity theft but it can usually be done and have a good outcome, if you are committed to the process.

First thing first, you need pull your credit reports! Do not wait until tomorrow or next week, be committed to doing it TODAY. Most consumers get busy with life and put it off thinking they will get to it later but for most it does not happen until they need credit. Make the time to get it done NOW so you can stay on top of it. You can access your tri-merge (3 bureau) credit reports here: Also, watch the videos on what ScoreNavigator can do for you in the link provided!

Review your personal information, account names, account numbers, balances, limits, payment history and inquires - this is where you must pay attention to detail. Make sure this is YOUR information and that your CREDITORS have reported it correctly. If there is a mistake you contact the creditor directly and let them know what the concern is to get it fixed. If you cannot get them to correct it with backup documentation reach out to me. Sometimes the creditors themselves are the ones at fault and reporting misleading/incorrect credit data on your report can cause issues with your scores.

To successfully manage your credit, you must first be able to manage your money!

Second is to be financially responsible. Review your bank and credit card statements each month, or weekly as I do. Okay, I am kind of a freak about my financial life....I check my bank and credit card accounts daily and I have alerts on my phone that alert me every single time my credit card is used. I also have email alerts setup for all transaction types for all my bank accounts i.e. withdrawals, deposits, automatic deposits, transfers, etc. This helps me stay on top of my money and stay committed to the process of financial responsibility.

Third, set up a budget and try your hardest to stick to it! ScoreNavigator is a great software program to help you do this! Use it and be committed to it! It will help you understand where your hard-earned money is being spent.

Fourth, start working on paying off your debts, if you have any. This is also where ScoreNavigator comes into play! You can setup your bills in the system to remind you on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis of what is due and when. Start with the smallest balance first then when that is paid off you can use the amount of funds you were paying on that item to be put towards paying off your next smallest balance and so on.

Look at your monthly expenses to see if there are any bills that can possibly be reduced or a bill that really is not necessary at all and can be cancelled. When I ran a credit repair business for many years, I did a lot of budgeting for consumers. During these consults I found numerous monthly subscriptions such as magazines, mail order make-up, music and even storage sheds full of stuff they have not used for years. Many people that had storage sheds had no idea what were in them and had been paying a monthly fee for more than 48 months. I suggested canceling the subscriptions they did not need and have a garage sale to get rid of stuff they no longer needed. One couple had a garage sale and made over $2,500 to which they paid off 6 smaller outstanding debts. They came in the next Monday to tell me about it and were so happy the wife cried happy tears and would not stop hugging me!

Fifth, start building an emergency savings account to be used for medical, car repairs, household repairs, etc. I also suggest setting up a second savings account for Christmas, birthdays and kids school clothes and school fees (if those apply to you of course). Those types of things can be a hassle so having a second savings account dedicated to them is always helpful when that time of year rolls around.

Sixth, start building positive credit by establishing it if you do not already have any or need to re-establish it if you have been through tough times in the past. By all means, CALL ME so I can teach you where to obtain it and how to USE IT to build up your credit scores not decrease your credit scores --- this is were a lot of consumers make mistakes with their credit. You can apply for up to 2 secured credit cards per person at:

Need a 720 credit score to get that loan for a new home or have extra cash on hand and want to know the most efficient way to raise your score? I'm sure you'd like to know how many points paying down a your credit card or a collection could affect you. Our simulators will generate the fastest, easiest and most economical way to recover points. Sign up now for their innovative credit product and empower yourself today.

What are you waiting for? Get signed up NOW! If you have questions please call our office at 435-754-7701 between 9 am - 5:00 pm MST Monday - Friday or visit our website at

If you need to start building positive credit, feel free to contact us as well - we will teach you how to obtain it and how to properly use it as that is one of the biggest factors when considering credit scores. We offer secured credit cards here:

What are you waiting for? Get signed up NOW! If you have questions please call our office at 435-754-7701 between 9 am - 5:00 pm MST Monday - Friday or visit our website at

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