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Credit Report Freeze - Credit Validation - Credit Cards - Credit Monitoring - FICO Scores

Credit Report Freeze - Credit Validation - Credit Cards - Credit Monitoring - FICO Scores

Did you know that as September 2018 consumers can now put a security freeze on their credit reports for free? It's true, it's a huge milestone for consumers because it used to cost money to freeze and unfreeze your reports. You can go directly to each of the three main credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and Transunion) to setup an account with them before you can freeze or unfreeze your credit reports. I highly suggest you keep your account information in a safe and secure place to have handy before you go apply for credit in the future. 

A credit or security freeze actually makes it so lenders cannot access your credit reports and scores when applying for new credit. If you want to apply for new credit you will need unfreeze your credit which only takes a few minutes. Keeping your credit frozen helps prevent new accounts being taken out in your name by an unauthorized person, therefore helping prevent identity theft. 

You can now select to permanently unfreeze your credit reports or select a time frame such as a few days to a week, a month or several months. The bureaus have actually made it quite simple and easy to do for any selected period of time and you may only need to unfreeze your credit with one bureau versus all three bureaus depending on the type of loan/credit you are applying for. You can ask your lender which of the three main bureaus they need access to in order to process your credit application, it may only be that you need to unfreeze Experian for a few then you can set up your account with Experian to automatically refreeze it again on a certain day. I've used this feature several times and it’s not only easy but nice that I can set up a time limit to refreeze it without having to log back into my account several days later.

If a lender receives an application for credit while there is a security freeze in effect, the application for credit will most likely be denied due to the lack of access. Just remember a credit freeze does not change your credit score, it will not increase or decrease your credit scores. Collection agencies and lenders will still be able to report information to the credit bureaus to be updated on your credit reports during a credit freeze. Your existing creditors will still have access to your credit reports and scores for account review purposes but again, if you want to apply for a credit card limit increase then you will most likely need to unfreeze your credit prior to the application process.

Happy Credit + Good Insurance = Happy You!

We have over 20+ years in the credit industry with an extensive knowledge base of credit! Do you have credit questions? Do you need a copy of your credit report? Do you want to see your credit scores? Do you need to build positive credit? Do you need a credit card or two? Do you want to maximize your credit? We have all of those things for you! 

ScoreNavigator is a great program that includes Point Deduction Technology which analyzes your report and shows you how many points you are losing from each account, if any. It will also explain why you are losing points and how to recover them by recommending the best actions to take. 

 Here are some other key features offered by ScoreNavigaor, as well as, helping you maximize your financial and credit worthiness:

  1. 24/7 Easy Access to your Tri-Merge Credit Reports and Scores
  2. Target Score, Manual, and Money Simulators (great for helping increase your scores  and will eliminate the guesswork when it comes to maximizing your credit profile)
  3. Recommendations on the best day to have your credit reviewed for financing
  4. Best day to make a payment on your credit card
  5. Best day to make a charge on your credit card  
  6. Interactive Financial and Budget Programs and Tools
  7. Analyzed Credit Data and Scores
  8. Alerts & Notifications
  9. ID Theft Assistance & Recovery
  10. Credit Analytics - Credit Data & Score Comparisons
  11. Comprehensive Credit Advice, Credit Laws, Credit Education & Testing
  12. Over 35 years experience in the Credit & Financial Industry

If you need credit verification/validation of accounts reported on your credit that may be incorrectly reporting, untimely, inaccurate, or something else then CreditDNA is what you need to sign up for. 

If you are wanting to see your credit reports and know your FICO credit scores before applying for a loan (WITHOUT A HARD INQUIRY) then you need mySCOREIQ.

[SIGN UP HERE]: ScoreNavigator

[VIDEO TUTORIAL]: ScoreNavigator Video Tutorial



[SECURED CREDIT CARDS]: Secured Credit Cards - NO Minimum Credit Score Required

Did you know one of the biggest factors of your insurance premium is based on your credit scores? It's true, most insurance companies now use your credit score as a factor when calculating your insurance premium. The better the credit score, the better your insurance premium! 

We have always enjoyed helping others especially when they think there is no where to go for help or they think they are not in a place to get help with their credit. There is always room for growth and improvement when it comes to credit! We have helped thousands of consumers maximize their credit over the years. It doesn't matter if you live in Logan, Providence, Hyrum, Wellsville, North Logan, Clarkston, Richmond, Lewiston, Benson, Avon, Millville, Nibley, Smithfield, Hyde Park, Cove, Paradise, Mendon, Tremonton, Garland, Honeyville, Brigham City, Ogden, Layton, Farmington, Kaysville, Farwest, Bountiful, Salt Lake City, West Jordan, South Jordan, Sandy, Lehi, Provo, Spanish Fork, Park City, Heber, Nephi, Cedar City or St. George, Utah! 

Hometown Insurance Agency of Utah is located in downtown Logan, Utah (Cache Valley) and prides itself in helping others, not only save money on their home, auto other types of insurance but to also make sure you are properly covered and that you have answers to your questions. We want to make sure that our clients are our friends and friends become family! We want to make sure you are protected should something happen and that you understand your insurance policies and what they include.

Take a minute, give us a call and we will shop all our providers for you and at the very least you will have a second opinion to consider.

If you have insurance questions, need a review of your current insurance policies or would like a free insurance quote, please contact us at 435-754-7701! We are your hometown raised, hometown trusted, hometown insurance agency. We are Hometown Insurance Agency of Utah.

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