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Spring Cleaning - It's Always a Must at My House

Spring Cleaning - It's Always a Must at My House

Spring cleaning is kind of like a love-hate relationship for me, I hate doing it because it takes a lot of time and is hard work but man, I love it when it's all done! What's on your yearly spring-cleaning list?

I have two lists, one for indoor and one outdoor.

For the indoors it involves:

  • Shampoo Carpets
  • Deep Clean Light Fixtures
  • Deep Clan Dryer and Dryer Vent Hoses (see a previous blog about this)
  • Wash Window Blinds, Window Tracks, Window Seals and Coverings
  • Wash Windows (inside and out)
  • Wash Window Screens
  • Wash Baseboards, Doors and Trim
  • Wash all Rugs
  • Wash Walls
  • Wash under and around all Kitchen appliances
  • Wash Garbage Cans (Inside and Out)
  • Wash Clothes Baskets
  • Empty all Kitchen Cupboard and Drawers, Deep Clean (donate and/or Discard things you don't use)
  • Vacuum Mattresses, Chairs and Couches (both sides of cushions)
  • Move Furniture and Vacuum Underneath, especially really well under beds
  • Seal up Cracks around Windows and Doors
  • Remove Everything in the Pantry, Discard Expired Items, Wipe Down Shelves and Re-Organize
  • Clean all wood furniture with a good wood cleaner (Including Picture Frames, Cupboards, etc.)
  • Deep Clean the Litterbox with Bleach (Inside and Out)
  • Deep Clean your Mirrors around the house
  • Clean-out Closets and Dressers, wipe down shelves and drawers (Donate gently used clothes and/or Discard)
  • Clean-out the Medicine Cabinet (Always Discard Where Allowed by Law)
  • Run the Dishwasher on Empty with Dishwasher Detergent and about 2 cups of White Distilled Vinegar (removes hardwater stains and shines up the inside of the dishwasher)
  • Cleanout the “Cleanout” in the bottom of the Dishwasher (Check your Owner’s Manual)
  • Cleanout Desk Drawers and your Kitchen Catch-All Drawer (we all have one, even me)
  • Throw away all kid’s school work/projects that they don’t need/want (that’s usually an entire garbage right there)
  • Do a really good, deep down dusting throughout the house (lamp shades, etc.)

For the outdoors it involves:

  • Clean out the veggie garden
  • Clean out the flower beds, cut back flowers
  • Dethatch the Lawn
  • Aerate the Lawn
  • Mow the Lawn and Edge
  • Get the Hoses Hooked up
  • Turn on the Sprinklers and check for any that need to be replaced or adjusted
  • Clean out the Garage
  • Detail the Cars (inside and out)
  • Get the patio furniture setup and wiped down
  • Wash the garage and front porch rugs
  • Sweep the garage, front porch, back porch and sidewalks
  • Wash down the driveway from all the road salt (we have a lot of salt on our driveway/garage floor each winter from the roads here in Utah)
  • Spray for bugs (you know those creepy crawlies are coming out really soon)

 I may have missed a few things but at least this gives you a starting point. Happy Cleaning!

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