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Mistaken Identity - Auto Policy - Wrong At-Fault Accident

Mistaken Identity - Auto Policy - Wrong At-Fault Accident

With enough patience and few questions, you can help solve the missing piece to the puzzle!

I recently had a client whose renewal premium increased by over $1200 for a 6-month policy. I just about fell off my chair when I saw the notification. I knew something had to be wrong.

I called the insurance company aka carrier to get more details of why such a drastic increase to my client’s auto insurance premium. The carrier explained to me that there had been an at-fault automobile accident reported against my client’s husband from another insurance company a few months prior. I thought that's weird, I never saw a claim come in or heard from my client about such a claim/accident.

I immediately called my client to follow up with her. My first questions were "is everyone okay" and "was anyone injured"? She asked what I was talking about and said as far as she knew neither of them had been in an accident. We were now both very confused. I let her know that her premium was increasing quite significantly and when I called the carrier to inquire about the reason why they told me that there was a claim by another company for an "at-fault" auto accident. I provided her with the date of the accident and the vehicle involved that was given by the other insurance company that made the claim. She was shocked and stated she knew nothing about this. I asked her call her husband to see if he knew anything about this.

She called me back and they were able to figure out what happened. My insured's husband is a twin. Come to find out the twin brother had an accident and the other person he hit filed a claim with the wrong insurance company. After getting more details I found out that the twin brothers of course have the same date of birth but also, their social security numbers are off by only one digit and their names are very similar as well as the cars they drive. I called my clients carrier back to explain the possible mix up, they did some research of their own and it came back as a mistaken identity. The carrier immediately removed the inaccurately filed "at-fault" accident claim against my client and re-issued the renewal documents and the premium dropped instantly!

Needless to say, my client is extremely happy that I reached out to her to get an error resolved and they don't have to pay an extremely high auto insurance premium either! This all happened right before Christmas so as you can imagine money is already tight that time of year. 

I'm so glad I noticed that premium increase and was able to help them resolve the error so quickly! I love helping my clients in any way I can, even if it's takes extra time out of my day. It makes me happy to know others are happy.

If you’d like an insurance agent that takes time to talk to you, listen to you and help you resolve errors please call me at (435) 754-7701. I’d be happy to become your new auto insurance agent!

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