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Spring Cleaning - It's Always a Must at My House

Spring Cleaning - It's Always a Must at My House - Spring cleaning is kind of like a love-hate relationship for me, I hate doing it because it takes a lot of time and is hard work but man, I love it when it's all done!...

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Springtime: Flowers & the Great Outdoors in Northern Utah

YASSS! Spring has sprung in my yard and I'm so excited! Spring is such a fantastic time of the year! It's like a new beginning after a long, cold, snowy winter. I love seeing my flower bulbs popping up through the dirt...

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Fall Tips for Homeowners

FALL TIPS for Homeowners - I know lots of people are excited for FALL and can't wait for summer to be over, especially for everything pumpkin! We wanted to give you some tips to prepare for Fall and the cooler weather...

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Paramedics issue warning after toddler found hanging from window blind cords

Household Inventory List/Video of Valuables for Insurance Claims

If you truly want to make things easier on yourself, it's always a great idea to make a "Household Inventory List". Writing down/creating a spreadsheet and/or a video of your household belongings and having it stored in...

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Keep Pets Happy and Safe on Vacation

You’re not just imagining it-a lot of people are traveling with their pets these days. Here at Hometown Insurance Agency of Utah we know pets, we have them ourselves. Our pets are our kids, our furbabies and we care...

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