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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Car Insurance Discounts with "Traveler's"

Car Insurance Discounts with Travelers Insurance Include: - Up to 15% Continuous Insurance Discount2% Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) DiscountUp to 15% Good PayerUp to 10% Early QuoteUp to 10% Hybrid/Electric Vehicle...

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What is PIP (Personal Injury Protection) for automobile?

A lot of consumers are not familiar with what PIP means when it comes to auto insurance. PIP does tend to be among the more confusing things for insureds to understand. Here are a few points to help you understand the...

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Know the difference between a captive insurance agent and an independent insurance agent.

Why choose an independent insurance agent?

If you searched for "Pro's and Con's of independent insurance agents" you would find a list of reasons why independent and captive agents are good and bad. The reason for this blog is I have looked over the same posts...

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Cars that smile

Do you ever see a car or truck drive by and think maybe it just smiled at you? Since I was little I have always seen faces when I look at the front of a car. If you do the same thing then this video is for you.

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Insurance Rate Shopping? Hometown is Your Loyal Agency for Better Insurance and Better Rates!

You might be loyal to your insurance carrier and agent but when is the last time they called you and said "great news your insurance premium is going down"? As an independent agency our motivation is keeping you...

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