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Hometown Insurance Agency of Utah Blog

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Discounts! Do you LOVE Discounts? I LOVE Discounts!

Discounts are the Best! - - Did you know that most insurance companies (carriers) offer discounts? Each insurance carrier offers their own set of discounts. Here are some discounts offered by most carriers: - Automatic...

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Progressive SnapShot Discount

Did you know that if you are a NEW customer to Progressive you can qualify for a discount if you sign up for Snapshot? It's true, you'll get what they refer to as a "participation discount". Once you sign up and...

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Car Insurance Discounts with "Traveler's"

Car Insurance Discounts with Travelers Insurance Include: - Up to 15% Continuous Insurance Discount2% Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) DiscountUp to 15% Good PayerUp to 10% Early QuoteUp to 10% Hybrid/Electric VehicleUp...

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RV Ownership is Increasing

RV ownership is increasing, just look at these statistics: - U.S. RV ownership is now at record high levels, according to a University of Michigan study provided by the RV Industry Association. There are almost 10...

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