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Commercial Insurance

from Hometown Insurance Agency of Utah

Commercial Insurance

Also known as business insurance, commercial insurance is vital for your business to protect you from normal losses, like weather-related damages, liability lawsuits, and workers compensation claims.

There are numerous types of commercial insurance available to us as independent insurance agents. We can combine them for you to ensure you have the protection you require.

  • Auto insurance for business vehicles
  • Property insurance for your buildings and contents
  • Umbrella insurance for extra commercial coverage
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Bonds
  • Business liability coverage

Building a successful business is hard enough. Many businesses go under because of catastrophic happenings for which they are not financially prepared. These incidents could cause financial hardship for your business without insurance coverage:

  • Damage to your office or other property due to fire, hurricanes, wind, hail, etc. (forty percent of businesses never reopen after major events in this category)
  • A lawsuit resulting from an accident or injury on your premises
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Employee bodily injury or death resulting in a legal judgment against your business
  • An accident involving one of your business vehicles
  • Defaulting on a project or having a subcontractor default on you

If your business is not prepared for these types of situations with commercial insurance, you could lose your company’s assets or even have your personal assets attached as compensation.

A commercial insurance policy can take various elements to construct the perfect policy for your one-of-a-kind requirements, so you are protected in any eventuality. Our goal is to minimize your financial risk, free up your time to run your company, and get you back to business as usual in the event of a claim.

Call Hometown Insurance Agency of Utah at 435-754-7701 or reach out online and let us make sure you have the commercial insurance coverage your business needs. We’ll ask about your location in the Logan area, as well as about a few other important criteria to create the best policy for you:

  • Your industry and its inherent risk
  • The number of your employees and size of your payroll
  • Your business vehicles or fleet
  • Other assets that need insuring, like tools, equipment, and property
  • Past insurance history
  • Your business plan for the short term regarding growth or expansion

Our experts can make sure you have the right workers' compensation plan and disability insurance as required by law, and we can talk about any safety programs you have in place that may lower your insurance rates.

Give your business the commercial insurance coverage it needs so you can protect everything you’ve worked for and your employees who count on you for their jobs. Contact us today for all your commercial insurance questions.