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Earthquake Insurance

from Hometown Insurance Agency of Utah

Earthquake Insurance

You may not be aware that your homeowner insurance policy does not cover your property from earthquake damage. While you may think you do not need earthquake coverage, the facts about earthquakes and earthquake potential in the US tell a different story:

  • Over the last 120 years, the United States has experienced earthquakes in 39 states out of 50.
  • Almost 90 percent of the US population lives in areas that are considered seismically active.
  • Some areas of the US, like San Francisco, have a 70 percent chance or higher of experiencing an earthquake of significant magnitude (over 6.0) in the next 30 years.
  • The eastern United States has a 40 to 60 percent risk of having a major earthquake over the next two decades.
  • A major fault line runs through the Midwest, giving that area a large chance of experiencing an earthquake in the coming 15 years.

Earthquake insurance can be purchased by homeowners and renters as a separate policy or what is called an endorsement to protect your property from earthquakes and post-quake damage, like mudflows, landslides, and uneven settling of the earth. 

How can you protect yourself, your family, and your property from an earthquake? If you are in a high-risk zone, take earthquake preparedness classes and have a family emergency plan. Minimize risk to your home by fastening appliances and heavy furniture, as well as by inspecting your dwelling for anything that could become a danger during a quake.

Purchase earthquake insurance to cover you in the event of an earthquake and its aftermath. This can help repair or replace your structure and items in it. Also, it may be able to cover the cost of living elsewhere if your home becomes uninhabitable during rebuilding.

Talk to Hometown Insurance Agency of Utah online or at 435-754-7701 today to see how an earthquake policy for your home in Logan could provide coverage for you and your family.